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We are story designers. We are communications architects. We are marketing builders.


Frame+Function is a branding, communications and marketing consultancy that delivers data-driven and emotionally intelligent solutions. Our core strengths are rooted in decades of experience with world-class brands.

Let’s design and build your brand…together.

FRAME: Define your story.

Much in the same way you can’t build a house without a design, you can’t market a brand or organization without a story. Put our insatiable curiosity and journalistic experience to use to find the best articulation of your story for your different audiences. You already matter. Let’s help people understand why.

FUNCTION: Your story drives your business.

You would never design a house that doesn’t meet your needs. Why would you do the same with your marketing? The functional component of storytelling – the development of a communications strategy, the process of crafting message and copy, of targeting audiences, of managing media and dealing with crisis – is vital to your business success.



Let’s build a new brand together, or refurbish an old one.


We dig deep with you to find your brand's unique positioning and narrative to connect with your audiences who matter most.


Built to suit your brand story.


We marry your business and brand strategies into a comprehensive communications plan to directly support your business objectives.


Tailor-made plans based on your business objectives.


We curate our team for a full-service approach to your brand marketing. You tell us what matters to your bottom line, and we’ll tailor the marketing solutions to support it.


Let’s put your story into action.


We set the editorial direction, design content strategies, and write so your brand can connect with your audiences and earn a desired action.


Good design is good business.


We work with highly skilled graphic designers to create visuals across the full spectrum of marketing materials that thoughtfully represent your organization and help tell your story.


We design it for your team, or we’ll do it.


When we design your marketing and/or communications plans, we also take into account your human capital and resources. We will execute if we collectively determine it’s the best solution.


We are communications architects. We are story designers. We are marketing builders. 

We live for badass communications and marketing solutions that are designed and executed from solid, data-driven strategy. But, frankly, so should everyone who does what we do. 

Here’s where we differ: While much of what we do could be seen as formulaic, the way we do it is unique and unmeasurable. Our deep industry experience both agency and client-side — combined with unmatched emotional intelligence and instinct — help us help you meet your business goals in a way others can’t. We don’t guide you to just any questions. We help you answer the right questions.

We believe the experience of our collaboration is as important as the final outcome. Let’s work together to make your communications work hard for you, not the other way around.


Emily Torgerson

Emily Torgerson is the founder of Frame+Function. Her nearly two decades in the marketing and communications industry have allowed her to develop a deep well of experience benefiting her various clients. 

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Meghan E. Butler

Meghan E. Butler is a writer and a communications strategist. Her journalistic curiosity, combined with close to 20 years of communications consulting, corporate PR, and agency experience, guide her clients to identify and answer the right questions, not the most obvious ones. She uses her time with world-class organizations and her high emotional intelligence to help clients dig deep to find the truth and use it to meet their business objectives.

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Erin Morton

Erin is passionate about creating visual identities that are not only timeless, but that also create context for the lives of their audience. Aligning a business’ messaging with the needs of its audience creates the true essence of a brand. She has created compelling design work that has been driven directly by audience research. She believes that keeping her mind in the eyes of her audience is the best tool for accomplishing the best possible outcomes for the client.



meghan {at} framefunction {dot} com


Meghan E. Butler is a co-founder and partner at Frame+Function, a strategic communications and branding consultancy, and a founder of Curry+Butler: Writing to Influence. She maintains clear lines between her editorial writing and her consulting. She does not write under her own name about individuals or organizations who have compensated her for consulting, writing, or EQ coaching services.